From a young age,

I have had a sense of wanting to be open to my soul, or to that part that seemed to be underneath the more obvious ‘me’. Over the decades, I have learned to attune with increasing subtlety to the (usually) quiet prompts and nudges of this inner voice, or my essential self.

Somehow I have also had the capacity to respond, to trust its often scary requests. This has been a big part of my ‘dying’ – letting go of what I would choose at a personality level, and of what is expected in my familial and societal roots.

I have found that ‘death’ brings life – an increasing fluidity, joy and sense of abundance.

I have always had a nose for truth. Understandably this could be uncomfortable for those around me, so I learned to over-ride and diminish my intuitive and body-sense awareness.

This intimate connection with truth is now at the centre of my being and my life. Combined with my natural empathy and trust, it is a supportive vehicle for healing. In its varied guises, this is what I offer – a space of honesty and caring, openness and lightness, informed by the different capacities and modalities I have honed over the years.


Qualifications and Trainings


Kind words

The Enlivening Process

Underlying Margaret’s life and work is a desire and impulse to liberate. Her tenderness and presence invite the other to soften their grip on the familiar, whether that be objects, beliefs, people or ways of being.
Because I do not feel threatened in her presence, I gently open up without resistance. Things untangle and release, and the next steps become clear. It is, in effect, being undone with and by grace.

  — Halina

The Conscious Relationship Process

My experience with Margaret was very different from other counselling: intuitive, insightful and her use of alternate modalities gave clarity in why I/ we responded the way we did. She provided the missing piece in the puzzle(s) that essentially changed the course of my life.

  — Susan B

The Dying Process

Margaret has a deep personal trust in the process of living and dying. She respects the dying person’s needs, and is led by them for timing and intervention. Her blend of practical sense, objectivity, caring, calm presence, and humour smooth the process for all concerned.

  — Jo