Walking with you to a soul-led life

The Enlivening Process

It involves:

  • being present with whatever wants to come up as we allow space and quiet
  • being curious about what might be underneath your current challenges
  • giving attention to aspects of yourself you might rather reject
  • our joint commitment to your soul’s desired expression, here, now
  • celebrating your growing clarity, self-compassion and courage

It could also involve:

  • physical de-cluttering and organising of your home and/or work environments. This can bring clarity, calm, lightness, increased energy, a sense of relaxation and release, and gratitude for what we have.
    If you do not live in the Nelson-Tasman area (NZ), a lot can be achieved by working virtually.
  • my accompanying you in ways or to places which you find difficult on your own, eg to a doctor, or a place where something difficult happened.



PRICING:   Sliding scale $60-120 NZ per hour. I invite you to attune to an inner sense of what’s right for you. Whatever you are able to pay will be gratefully received.

Kind words

The session with Margaret helped me clear an old pattern of dis-empowerment that I had been working on before. She holds healing space with a high level of attunement and empathy; she knows exactly the most effective route to take in order for healing and resolution to happen within a relatively short time!

I feel so grateful, and I highly recommend her ‘Care of the Soul’ sessions to anybody who is ready to be free of limiting patterns and step into a fuller and more joyful way of being!! Thank you!!!

  — Valeria

Margaret is a woman of integrity and honest care. Supportive, firm and accepting, she has walked alongside me as I’ve tumbled into scary and lost places – her sharing is a gift, a much-valued gift of non-judgement, offered with many breathing spaces too. These have allowed me to tentatively ponder possibilities, embrace ideas with excitement, discuss and disagree as and when. Happily we can laugh together too and share the joy of this and that along the way, which brings balance to the whole puzzling, sometimes torturous, adventure.

  — Annah

I just want to thank you for nudging me in the right places yesterday and allowing me to make my own discoveries as we journeyed back in time. I am sure the insights I gained will continue to help me make better choices because now I can see what I was doing and can create something different for myself.

I don’t know how it’s going to look, but I’m feeling a lot lighter now and don’t feel responsible for creating, maintaining and protecting a ‘happy family’.

  — Merilyn