Soul-Led Supervision and Mentoring

For people who know that their own evolution is the best thing they can bring to their clients.

Soul-Led Supervision and Mentoring covers three areas:

a.  It incorporates the traditional supervisory role. In this it aims to:

  1. encourage the counsellor to work effectively, safely and ethically
  2. provide a space in which the counsellor can reflect and evaluate
  3. create a safe holding so that any concern, difficulty or problem in relation to working with a client can be raised
  4. with the counsellor, identify weaknesses and blocks as well as strengths and causes for celebration
  5. help the counsellor sustain the resourcefulness required for his or her work through self-care.
  6. b.  It provides guidance and support in extending the counsellor’s subtle capacities. This focuses on:
  1. extending the counsellor’s capacity to be with heavy or complex emotional issues clients present with, without closing off emotionally or wanting the client to stop feeling upset
  2. extending the counsellor’s capacity to use the whole of his or her own body as a potential source of subtle information about what is present for the client
  3. increasing the counsellor’s courage and capacity to pause and slow the client down, especially given a sense that something potentially important is being overridden or side-stepped.

c.  It offers on-going, deepening Care of the Soul, developing the counsellor’s capacity and preparedness to:

  1. listen to the subtle invitations life makes, in matters large and small, and to discern with increasing refinement
  2. act with courage when it would be easier to ignore a particular invitation or nudge
  3. allow this deepening evolution to inform all of life, including but not exclusive to the counselling/coaching practice.












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